Washing instruction

Dark colors (red, black, brown) thread and fabric can bleed easily. You should pretreat the fabric and threads and never put brand new clothes in air dryer for the 1st time. The heat will permanently set the stains. Pretreat the dark colors smocked clothes by soaking them in a mixture of 75% white vinegar and 25% water to set the colors for at least four hours. 

Hand wash in cold water and hang dry always recommended. 

If you see red or black dye bleed on the smocked plate on the first wash, do not panic! Add a lot of blue dawn (dish soap) directly on the stain and soak it for an hour. Hand wash with cold water and hang dry.

It is also recommended to use color catcher sheets in case you have to wash in a washer (these are found in the laundry isle)

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